I have graduated from Istanbul University Radio and Television Programming Department in 1995.

Completing my internship at Turkey Radio and Television (TRT) where I worked for 4 years. Afterwards, I worked as a sound and visual technician in various advertising agencies.

In 2003, I started my own production company and started to mostly serve the automotive industry. We also shot at motorsports events for our customers.

How I became a producer

In 2009, we produced RalliTV on FenerbaceTV, it was aired once a week. We shot of all races in Turkey with our own team, and we completed the production for broadcast. RalliTV was including news from motorsports and automotive from all over the world, has been on the air for 32 weeks.

It’s my life.

Jon Bon Jovi

Since 2003, we continue to develop, install, operate and content websites of rallidergisi.com, rallitv.com, rallisonuc.com websites. We also undertook the design, content providing and moderating of our customers’ websites on our own server.

We updated the Rallisonuc.com website in 2010 as rallylive.net and also updated our codes to stream live the results of the rally races from all over the world. After that, we developed RallyLive Android and IOS applications. Our Android app downloaded over 25,000 users, while the IOS version is nearly 10,000 users.

Since 2019, the development of my personal YouTube channel has been continuing. My videos are about mostly “pure sounds” and daily life that I have shot in various cities around the world. I have reached approximately 2500 subscribers so far.