Alanya Castle via Cable Car | What to do in Alanya during pandemic VLOG #covid19 #holiday

After 12 and a half hours driving from Istanbul to Alanya and then meeting the sea is breathtaking.

We have arrived home at Alanya at 9.30 pm. Can’t wait to swim in the Mediterranean sea in the morning.

What to do in Alanya during pandemic days, you can;
-eat Turkish food,
-drive to plateau (in hot days you may want to escape from the heat and drive to higher grounds)
-visit Alanya Castle via Cable Car.

Yes, we climb to the castle via cable car on the second day we arrived in Alanya. I have given the historical details about the castle in the video and you can see amazing views from the castle also.


00:00 Welcome to Alanya
01:20 Cable Car Ticket Office
03:50 The view from Cable Car
04:20 Climbing to Castle
05:11 The view from Castle
05:35 Historical Information
07:48 Alternative to Cable Car
09:32 Going down to Damlatas
10:40 Cable Car to down
11:39 Street view from Alanya
13:15 Closing

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