Alanya to Olympos | Road Trip | History of Olympos

Alanya days over and the new destination is Olympos for us.

It takes 3 and a half hour to get Olympos from Alanya but we are slow travellers. It took 5 hours to get there. We have passed big city Antalya.

Olympos was the most important port of Lycian history. It is also a delightful spot for pirates at that time and the Roman Emperor. The City of Olympos shined in the 6th and 7th centuries. And then the city became too crowded and earthquakes make the city undesired anymore. Most of the ruins we see nowadays have remained from Byzantium.

We slept one night at the Likya Evleri hotel. You have to wait for the next episode to see details of Likya Evleri.


00:00 Leaving Alanya
00:33 Roadtrip to Olympos
01:05 Just before the Olympos
02:47 Treehouses
03:12 Welcome to Olympos
03:31 Going to the sea
04:00 Ticketing
04:27 Information about tickets
04:40 Historical details of Olympos
06:33 and the perfect sea for me
07:29 River Olympos
07:45 Some other details from Olympos
08:30 Last view from Olympos Beach
08:57 End of the day

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