Driving around the villages of Istanbul and Kocaeli | Göçbeyli | Ovacık | Mudarlı | Darlık

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Off to the countryside of Istanbul. It is enough to drive in chaotic Istanbul Traffic.

It is better to take some fresh air around the villages of Istanbul and Kocaeli. Kocaeli is the neighbouring city of Istanbul, Ovacık and Mudarlı belong Kocaeli municipality.

These villages hosted the World Rally Championship round in Rally Turkey 2010.

My drive starts in front of Istanbul Park. It is a windy record, camera mounted on top of my car without wind muff. You may want to volume down a little bit.


00:00​ Start
00:40​ Intercity Istanbul Park Entrance
06:56​ Göçbeyli (Istanbul)
18:44​ Ovacık (Kocaeli)
25:10​ Mudarlı (Kocaeli)
30:40​ Darlık (Istanbul)
31:41​ Last 10 seconds

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