Driving in Heavy Traffic, Istanbul | İkitelli to Beyazıt w/Trivia | 4K 60fps

Beyazıt is one of the busiest spots in Istanbul where you do not want to drive a car.

This time I am going from İkitelli to Beyazıt, the first part is easy and fast, but after Vatan Street, there was hectic busy and congested traffic until Beyazıt Square, it was not the busiest but, it was still annoying. I had to fast-forward the stop and go.

I mark some points on my way, some for informative and some for fun.


00:00 Let it begin
00:36 [Facility] İkitelli Bus Garage
01:14 [Transportation] TEM Highway
02:45 [Shopping] Mall of Istanbul
04:58 [Facility] ISTOC
07:32 [District] Esenler
10:22 [Transportation] Esenler Bus Terminal
11:40 [District] Bayrampaşa
13:52 [Famous] Vatan Blv.
15:40 [District] Aksaray
16:40 [District] Laleli
17:03 [Mosque] Laleli Mosque
17:15 [Transportation] T1 Tram Kabataş-Bağcılar
17:30 [University] Istanbul University Faculty of Letters
18:03 [Mosque] II. Beyazid Mosque
19:25 [Famous] Grand Bazaar
19:58 Last 10 seconds

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