Driving in Istanbul | Beykoz to Besiktas via Bosphorus Bridge w/ Fun Facts | 4K 60fps

It has been a while to upload a video because I can’t runaway from this virus that halts everything puts me on pause to work.

Driving in Istanbul series continues with a coastal trip from Beykoz to Besiktas via Bosphorus Bridge.

I try to indicate some of the places I think important and valuable on the road.

I hope you like it.

My drive starts from the Beykoz Korusu which is greenery with historical value. Then I follow the coastal road via Pasabahce, Kanlica, Anadolu Hisari, Kandilli, Cengelkoy, Beylerbeyi, Bosphorus Bridge to Besiktas.


Beykoz Korusu
02:56 [Fountain] Onçeşmeler
03:17 Beykoz Square
05:19 [Municipality] Beykoz
06:17 [Plant] Pasabahce Glass Plant
06:58 [Hospital] Beykoz Main Hospital
08:08 [Mosque] Sultan III. Mustafa
08:32 [Plant] Pasabahce Raki Plant
09:10 [Facility] Burunbahce
11:07 [Ferry] to İstinye from Cubuklu
12:20 [Magnificent] the Bosphorus
14:49 Kanlica
15:30 [Bridge] Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
18:15 Anadolu Hisari
18:45 [Castle] Anadolu Hisari
19:28 [Meadow] Küçüksu Meadow
20:00 [Border] to Üsküdar
21:25 Kandilli
22:51 Vaniköy
23:55 [Museum] Kuleli Military High-School Musem
24:30 [Bridge] first glance of Bosphorus Bridge
25:25 Çengelköy
28:02 Beylerbeyi
29:10 [Bridge] Bosphorus Bridge view from Beylerbeyi
29:40 [Museum] Beylerbeyi Palace
30:45 [Bridge] driving on Bosphorus Bridge
38:39 [Museum] Naval Museum
39:15 Last 10 seconds

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