Driving in Istanbul | Zeytinburnu to Merter | Work Work Work #istanbultraffic #boring #reallife

Not driving for fun this time, driving between manufacturers and suppliers in Istanbul.

It’s not a funny, relaxing video, even boring, but it’s real-life that I promised to show you.

00:00 Opening
00:33 [District] Zeytinburnu
03:20 Turan Gunes Blv.
06:10 [Race Course] Veliefendi
06:51 [Mall] Marmara Forum
09:19 [Station] T1 – Kabatas – Bağcılar
10:06 [District] Merter
11:11 Eski Londra Asfaltı
12:20 Esenler Junction
14:09 Last 10 seconds

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