Driving Istanbul | Kağıthane to Çubuklu via İstinye Ferry #FunFacts

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Driving starts Kağıthane to Çubuklu via İstinye Ferry to escape from bridge’s heavy traffic.

It is afternoon and close to peak times on the Istanbul Traffic. Luckily my alternate route mostly has open roads to the ferry pier at İstinye. It takes 7 minutes to get to Çubuklu by ferry if you can catch an empty ferry.


00:00 Opener
01:50 Kağıthane
02:36 Kağıthane Metro Station for M7
05:12 Axis Shopping Mall
09:00 Fatih Sulten Mehmet Bridge connection roads and viaducts
10:14 Türk Telekom Stadium for Galtasaray SK Istanbul
10:59 F3 – Vadistanbul – Seyrantepe Monorail/Skytrain
11:30 Ayazağa
14:14 Uniq Hall / Volkswagen Arena
15:19 Maslak
15:53 Istanbul Technical University
16:58 İstinye Park
17:55 Borsa Istanbul
19:44 Emirgan Park
22:30 İstinye Pier for ferry
24:37 Bosphorus
29:31 Çubuklu Pier
31:00 Last 10 seconds

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