Getting Lost in Istanbul | Sirkeci Eminönü Tahtakale Mercan Fake Market Beyazıt

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Getting Lost in Istanbul by foot. My walking tour starts from the Intercontinental Ferry trip from Harem to Sirkeci, Asia to Europe. After landing on Sirkeci, my first stop is Sirkeci Train Station to drink Turkish Coffee. Walking around Eminönü and Yeni Camii in crowd. After crowded roads, I put myself into empty roads to Tahtakale. There are also too many people that shopping. Continue to walk Beyazit via Mercan. After Mercan I have reached the Fake Market which you can find fake brand t-shirts, shoes, etc. The first episode of Getting Lost in Istanbul ends in Beyazit, I will continue to walk to Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmet (Blue) Mosque and to Sirkeci again.

00:00 Start
01:10 Intercontinental Ferry Trip from Harem to Sirkeci
04:45 Sirkeci
08:09 Sirkeci Train Station
09:15 Turkish Coffee
12:20 Sirkeci Tram Station
18:30 Yeni Camii
22:30 Tahtakale
28:10 Mercan
29:00 Empty Roads
32:07 Fake Market
36:33 Beyazit
37:58 Last 10 seconds

Check my route here: https://goo.gl/maps/tWJHRJ4E1mgPYn6U9

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