Madrid to London with British Airways BA0465 | February 2020

Remembering these good old days, it was only 3 months ago we travel like storks, aren’t we?

Now it feels like dreaming to travel like these, as free as we can.

I was at Madrid Barajas Terminal 4 (T4) and Terminal 4 Satellite (T4S), check-in, lounge and terminal tour before boarding. Eating at the plane and onboarding, getting my baggages aka 2FatLady. Travelling with the Piccadilly Line to get to the city centre. It was too late and have to leave the train early and take my uber to hotel.

I also remember that we couldn’t find the entrance of Terminal 4 by car. I think we turned around 2 or 3 times. So be careful if you travelling to Madrid Barajas Terminal 4 by car. Or we were so dumb that we couldn’t find it.