Olympos to Fethiye | Road Trip | Likya Evleri Olympos | Çağıllı Beach | No Kaputaş

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We stayed at the Likya Evleri Olympos for one night. The hotel is beautiful. We have checked some other bungalow houses but we loved the Likya Evleri. It was a good place to stay. If we have time we would like to visit again. Hope to see them again.

After Olympos our destination was Kaputas but we found a better place to win after Finike way early from Kaputas. We swim and eat some than continue our trip via Demre and Kas.

We ate some gozleme just before Kas. We passed Kaputas, it was full of people. Çağıllı Beach Restaurant was the best choice to swim in.

And we arrived in Fethiye to stay one night at my brother Serdar.


00:00 Olympos Likya Evleri
01:34 Introduction of Likya Evleri Olympos
03:20 Road to Çağıllı Beach Restaurant
03:48 Çağıllı Beach Restauran Entrance
04:02 Best view from Çağıllı Beach Restaurant
04:44 Beautiful sea of Antalya, Turkey
05:32 Road to Kaş Kekik Çiftliği
05:52 Eating some gozleme at Kas Kekik Çiftliği
06:46 Kaş Kaputaş Beach – too crowded to enter just by-pass
07:20 Closing at Fethiye streets

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