WRC Rally Turkey 2020 : SS7 Datca2, SS12 Marmaris, Podium and Road to Izmir

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WRC Rally Turkey series ends with this last episode.

We were at Datca2 stage on the second day of the rally. The stage was by the sea, we watched the stage in style which you can not find this spot anywhere in the world. Some spectators were on the boat to watch the stage.

On Sunday, the last day of the rally we went to the very last stage of the rally, Wolf Power Stage named Marmaris2. There was a water splash at the end of the stage. So we watched both the stage and the podium same time.

The rally was very exciting and perfectly organized. It was announced that no spectators will be allowed but anyone has stopped the spectators while entering the stage side to watch.

We are not sure if we can watch any WRC rallies in the future. I hope we can.


00:00 Opening
00:33 Before SS7 Datca2
01:08 Explaining SS7 Datca2
02:56 SS7 Datca2 stage videos
03:22 Stage report
05:17 Going back to Marmaris
05:47 Day3 begins
08:32 SS12 Marmaris2 Power Stage
10:48 Podium
12:59 Preparing to the road again
14:18 Something weird happened
14:50 Thanks

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