Alanya Drive Time while sunset | Turkish Riviera Coast

Driving in Alanya with the perfect time at sunset. Turkish Riviera Coastal Line at Antalya is so amazing.

During these pandemic days, Alanya is also kind of empty but boutiques, restaurants, beaches try to survive.

We can call Alanya as empty as never before in these summer days. But the view of the sunset while driving is amazing, image if you sitting by sea at the beach, it is breathtaking.

Covid-19 reports of Alanya is declared at Low Risk by the Ministry of Health. You can check it online with the official app for reports “Life Fits Home”, both for Android and IOS.

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00:00 Start
01:05 Flamingo Beach
02:40 Cimen Hotel
04:30 Mola Roundabout
04:42 Ataturk Blv.
06:35 Alanya Aquapark
08:30 Aladdin Beach
08:45 Kleopatra Beach

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